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And suddenly, it’s the finale of Dragons’ Den, as the last group of entrepreneurs brave the fire and make their case.

Will their products ignite the Dragons’ imaginations enough to invest, or will the ideas turn out to be a wet squib?

There’s plenty of drama to be expected as the normally unflappable Deborah Meaden loses her temper, and a budding businessman risks losing his chance for his money.

But which Dragons’ Den locations immediately stand out? Continue reading…

Deborah Meaden listens curiously to an unusual pitch on Dragons’ Den. (BBC)

caffeine ball

Fitness fanatic marathon runner David Hellard is the first to take on the Dragons with his Caffeine Bullet energy chews which he says can give anyone the power to exercise harder, faster and longer. long time.

It’s an idea, David reveals, that he had while crossing the Sahara Desert. As you do.

The other Dragons watch with nervous laughter as Touker Suleyman quickly eats three of the chews, triple the recommended dose.

The fun, however, stops when David makes the mistake of being a little too dismissive of Deborah Meaden.

But does David’s Caffeine Bullet beat the pulse of other dragons enough to give David £60,000 for 5% of his business?

And will that get viewers flocking to caffeinebullet.com where a bag of 40 chews is currently on sale for £23.95?


Reformed drug addict Matt Jones may have had a difficult past after leaving school at 14 with no qualifications, but the Welshman radiates confidence as he brings his men’s skincare range into the den.

He tells The Dragons that Mesoa is about “simplifying and educating skincare products and putting them into a routine.”

While Deborah questions the line’s “organic” claims, other Dragons worry that Matt is trying to compete in an already crowded market.

And alarm bells ring when we learn he invested £423,000 of his own money in the business, which lost £248,000 in the first year.

What the hell did he have to sell to get that kind of money in the first place, you might be wondering. His house, his car, his children? No. His very successful advertising agency. For a few million pounds.

Which, of course, begs the question as to why he is seeking an extra £66,000 from the Dragons.

small tool box

Next, husband and wife Victoria and Michael with their Tiny Tool Box craft unit.

“Your work surface, tool chest and well-lit DIY space all in one…” they explain.

Poor Michael gets stage fright and forgets his words, watching helplessly as Victoria immediately takes over, much to the Dragons’ amusement. It’s clear who wears the pants in this relationship.

But does the carpenter couple’s DIY station create a financial opportunity for the Dragons?

Dan Baker demonstrates the View-You camera on Dragons' Den
Entrepreneur Dan Baker demonstrates his View-You cam based product. (BBC)

View-You cam

Meanwhile, former newsreader Dan Baker and his tech sidekick Jonathan hope to wow the Dragons with their portable, screen-compatible prototype webcam.

It allows people in online meetings to have direct eye contact, rather than looking at the camera on their computer or tablet and appearing to be looking to one side.

There are concerns among the Dragons about all sorts of serious issues such as patents and durability, but are they deal breakers?

March Muses pitch at Dragons' Den
March Muses showcase their Christmas decorations business at Dragons’ Den (Credit: BBC)

Muses of March

Eventually, through the elevator doors, Natalie Duvall and Alison Burton, two full-time working single mothers, came up with an idea that she hopes will “change the world.”

Well, that certainly sends a message that has the Dragons springing up.

The Muses of March began when, one festive season, Natalie’s daughter asked, “Can Christmas angels and fairies be black?” “.

Not, as Natalie found out, according to most retailers, so they created marchmuses.co.uk.

So she and Alison started a business that sells ethnically diverse Christmas decorations – and they’re already retailing through Selfridges.

Peter Jones is all smiles in the Dragons' Den finale
Peter Jones is all smiles in the Dragons’ Den finale but who did he make a deal with? (Credit: BBC)

And the Dragons are certainly impressed to learn that in their first year they had quite a massive turnover against a small marketing budget.

But will the Dragons give Natalie and Alison the greatest gift of all: £50,000? Tune in to Dragons’ Den on BBC One at 8pm to find out.

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