Video of daughter giving sister Christmas gifts her parents ‘disapprove’ of goes viral


A brotherly bond has become a Christmas tradition in a household, only to cause panic in their parents.

A TikTok video posted a day after Christmas by user @localcrackheaddd explained how in the past four years she has given her sister at least one Christmas present that her parents “disapprove of”.

The video, which has 12.7 million views, spans family Christmases between 2018 and 2021. Each family member sits in the same place each holiday, with the father and mother sitting on their own sofa and watching the children open their presents.

In 2018, the TikToker gifted his sister a 2Pac vinyl album, captioning it “because Tupac is the devil’s music.” The mother responded with a long “Wow” while the father replied, “Oh my God.”

The following year, the sister received a book titled, The Crystal Healer, along with the caption “Because crystals and witchcraft are a sin.” The father does not seem amused.

The 2020 giveaway got perhaps the best reaction of all. The sister opened the gift to find a “Cheat On Him” ​​cropped top, while sitting next to her ex-boyfriend on the couch. The mother exclaimed: “What!” while dad was left speechless.

Even the ex-boyfriend tried to laugh it off.

A TikTok user’s video about fun Christmas gifts for the family has been viewed over 12 million times. Every year, the user gives her sister a gift that her parents “disapprove of”.

Last year’s giveaway was another shirt, reading, “Moms Against Vaping.” The shirt featured a heart and an inhaler and was offered “because my mom always lectures us about vaping.”

“The inhaler photo brought it all together,” the poster said.

Even the father found the shirt funny, laughing audibly. The mother seemed to like it too, nodding her head and saying, “Awesome.”

Many comments focused on the family seating arrangement, noting that each person had their own “place” in the room. Others chimed in thinking the video was going to include more “adult content.”

“I feel like your dad is amused by it but your mom is completely against it,” one person commented on the video, calling it a great tradition.

The “Cheat on Him” ​​crop top was a real hit with viewers.

“[W]Why is no one talking about the cheating shirt on him while his boyfriend was there,” asked one user with multiple laughing emojis.”[I] I can’t help laughing about that.”

Parents also received grief. Some users commented that they sounded passive-aggressive in their responses.

“[T]They look like the kind of parents who have no idea what’s going on in their kids’ lives,” one person said, to which the original poster replied that it really isn’t.

But it wasn’t all negative comments.

“[I] I love that your mom gets cold every year,” one person said.


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