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It’s that time of year again when the crisp December air brings the warmth of love, joy, and caring. It’s Christmas and if there’s one thing young and old have in common, it’s the joy of receiving gifts. Hidden under the Christmas tree hide packaging of happiness. But not for everyone. And it is for these that V1 Church distributes practical gifts on a staggering scale.

Based in Queens, V1 Church is one of America’s fastest growing churches. In a short time, its visionary founder, Pastor Mike Signorelli opened its doors in New York, Long Island and northwest Indiana. As the Christmas season draws near, can the Christmas spirit be far behind? That’s the question Pastor Mike heard himself asking this time. He says, “My family and thousands of other families are still looking forward to Christmas. He fills our hearts with love and gratitude. But not everyone has the privilege of feeling this. And it is for them that we have organized a large-scale gift drive this year.

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This spirit of kinship and mutual aid is the basis of Christianity in everyday life. When realized, it makes the world much more beautiful because it allows the joy of love to be shared equally by all. Talking about the types of freebies they plan to pass around, Pastor Mike says, “We’ve been thinking a lot about what we’re going to buy. A good gift solves a problem and makes life better; this was our guiding principle when we decided to organize this on a larger scale than we had ever attempted. We hope that our brothers and sisters will also find true joy and value in what they receive.

Needless to say, when the Christmas spirit takes over, there’s not much you can do but let it guide you to a place of harmony and togetherness.


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