The Christmas House is closing its doors to complete its final season



ELMIRA, NY (WETM) It’s the end of an era in the town of Elmira. After nearly 40 years of activity, the Maison de Noël on avenue de l’rable has closed its doors for good.

Customers made their latest purchases by taking a trip down memory lane to showcase the Christmas House and its ornaments.

Customers gathered to make their latest purchase at Maison de Noël.

“It’s sad to let it all go. It would have been nice to find another owner to support the Christmas house. Retailing is tough these days. We wouldn’t have wanted to hand it over to just anyone, we would have wanted someone to take it back. Who would love him as much as we do. said Mark Delgrosso, co-owner, Christmas House

La Maison de Noël has partnered with a store in Lyon, New York, which has agreed to purchase most of what is left of today’s sale. Staff at the vacation home are also planning to donate some of their produce to local organizations.

A customer who celebrates Christmas 365 days a year is the recipient of a monumental piece from the Christmas store that will help them remember what this flagship holiday product meant.

“I am grateful to have received the reindeer passage sign up front. I will always have a part of the Christmas house in my house, ”said Shawn Makowiec

The owners of the Christmas House establishment have won an award that will forever be both a treasure for their contribution and a great memory.

Delgrosso says he and his wife want to work on more community-based projects after they retire from the Christmas House.

“We look forward to spending more time in the community with the organizations we are active with now,” said Delgrosso



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