Petworth family lost Christmas presents due to mold infestation


Sharon Streeter, 37, has lived in Park Rise, Petworth, for three years with her partner and two children, ages two and three.

Since moving in, the family has been plagued by a pervasive mold problem that has spread from room to room and affects walls, doors and even clothing.

Sharon tried to claim money from Hyde Housing – the housing association responsible for the property – but to no avail.

Sharon Streeter and her partner Shaun Goddard with their two children

When turned down, Sharon, who suffers from anxiety and depression, said she was “completely devastated” and her mental health problems had become “severe”.

Paul Dew, Acting Director of Real Estate Services at Hyde, said: “I would like to apologize to Ms Streeter and her family for any inconvenience and disruption caused by humidity issues in her home.

“We have been dealing with the humidity since we first became aware of the problem at Ms Streeter’s home on September 28, 2021. We visited her home on November 10, where we carried out investigative work.

“Then there was a follow-up visit on November 24, where we carried out work including the installation of a French drain to help resolve the moisture issues. All this work was finally completed on December 3, 2021.

Sharon added, “My depression and anxiety are really affected by it. I had it under control but it’s running out.”

“I can’t live like this anymore. I lost children’s belongings and personal belongings and Christmas gifts. [to the mould]. We lost our Christmas tree because of it.

“I can’t keep paying – I don’t have the money to do this. I’m not a millionaire.”

Sharon said her three-year-old has also started to suffer from severe lung infections which she says are linked to mold.

Mr Dew added: “A wall insulation contractor visited in early December to inspect the cavity wall insulation in the block as a result of our investigations, and they will replace any missing insulation for the walls. trough on January 14, 2022.

“We received a new complaint from our client on December 16, which is being handled in accordance with our complaints policy.

“On December 17th, we also received a request from the local authority’s environmental affairs office, which we were able to respond to immediately because we knew exactly what the issues were.

“A member of my team will be contacting Ms. Streeter today, to find out if there are any other issues we can resolve before our next meeting on January 14.”


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