People are selling unwanted Christmas gifts on Ebay and Facebook Marketplace


SOME people are so disappointed with their Christmas gifts that they are already selling them.

A number of people have listed their unwanted holiday gifts on sites like Ebay and Facebook Marketplace – and some are still wrapped.


Some sellers even list gifts that are still wrapped

Most people have experienced the sense of disappointment of opening a Christmas present that simply did not serve its purpose.

But some people feel so disappointed that they decided to sell their party loot.

The Sun has spotted lots of freebies listed on Ebay and Facebook Marketplace and some are still in their packaging.

A seller described their loot, which included gloves and a photo frame, simply as ‘a set of unwanted gifts’, with bids starting at £7.

Another sale asked for £30 for their stack of gifts, which included a scarf, candles and toiletries.

Some of the items in the stack had been used or were slightly damaged, according to the description.

A pack of gifts for boys aged 7-8 was on offer for £50, including pajamas, books and puzzles.

Seller said all items were new and unopened with tags still intact.

Another seller has listed a bundle of 41 unwrapped gifts for £120, promising the money raised from the auction will be donated to charity.

And there were already two deals on a batch of Joules and Fitch candies when we looked at a listing.

But while some shoppers may have been looking to buy a bundle of bargains, others were less impressed that people were selling unwanted gifts.

On Twitter, one person joked, “Facebook is full of people selling unwanted Christmas gifts, hope the givers don’t follow them!”

Another said: ‘Die to all those people selling their unwanted Christmas presents on Facebook.’

Of course, it’s not uncommon for you to not get everything on your Christmas gift list.


We spoke to a shopping expert who explains what your refund rights are if you want to return unwanted gifts.

We also take a look at what you can do if you receive a gift card you don’t want.

Plus, if you want to sell your unwanted gift, we’ve looked at the best ways to do it – and which items make the most money.

This set includes candles and toiletries.


This set includes candles and toiletries.Credit: eBay
Sellers listed their unwanted gifts on Ebay


Sellers listed their unwanted gifts on EbayCredit: eBay
I’m a furniture turner, found an old table on the street, used glue to fix it then put it on eBay and sold it for £200

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