Not sure when to take down the Christmas decorations? Here are our suggestions!


It’s magical when Christmas decorations are first put up and your home is full of twinkling tinsel, baubles and twinkling fairy lights, and the festive pine scent of a real Christmas tree if You have one.

But that magic soon wears off – and when Christmas is over, you’ve no doubt got pine needles, stray baubles and bits of tinsel all over the floor, and that lovely Christmas tree smell has been replaced by a of mold as your tree slowly dies.

Many people are ready to get rid of decorations as soon as Boxing Day is over, so they can start the New Year clean and tidy (and without pine needles sticking to their feet). For others, the festivities aren’t over yet.

So when should you dismantle your decor? Is it okay to chase them away as soon as possible, or is this just bullshit behavior?

If you want to follow tradition, the decorations are “supposed” to fall after the 12 days of Christmas, which are counted by Catholics from St. Stephen’s Day. So January 6, which is the day of Epiphany, when the three Magi came, is the twelfth night.

It is around January 5 or 6 that religious tradition wants the tree and the garlands to disappear. Legend has it that it is unlucky to keep the decorations after that – in ancient times people believed that tree spirits lived in the tree, holly and ivy etc. decorating their homes, and bringing them indoors during the harsh winter protected the spirits. But if they weren’t sent outside after the cold holiday season, the vegetation wouldn’t grow back and there would be an agricultural disaster. Also, if the greenery was left indoors for too long, they believed that the evil tree spirits would wreak havoc in the house.

But whether you want to avoid messing with the tree spirits and are sick of the decorations anyway, or want to save the decorations until Easter (or beyond!), the truth is that there is no there’s no right or wrong thing to do – it’s entirely up to you!

Plant experts at floral gift company Flowercard think January 6 is the day you should take down your decorations, and the company’s Liam Lapping says, “January 6 is Epiphany and the official end of the flower season. holidays. It is believed that keeping your Christmas tree and decorations past this date is bad luck. However, if you have a real Christmas tree and it looks a little more worn, there’s no harm in taking it down early – no one wants a needleless tree.

He urges people to replant Christmas trees that still have roots or recycle other real trees.


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