Marilyn Hagerty: Flies don’t deserve Christmas presents – Grand Forks Herald


Dear Santa,

This letter is five months in advance. Usually I write to you in November when I’ve finished the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner. But I desperately need a fly swatter now. Could you do a special delivery in July?

See, there’s this fly that moved in with me. It’s annoying. I never invited him. The damn thing acts like it belongs here. I call him Philip. He twirls from my chair to the kitchen. He drops bombs from the top of a window onto my table. I have to keep the little dive bomber from floating around my pen while I’m writing this letter.

Living up there at the North Pole, you probably don’t even know what a fly is, Santa. But I can tell you that in July and August, they are annoying little beasts. They don’t deserve any Christmas presents.

Above all, I can tell you that all is well around Grand Forks in July. The Elks Pool is particularly lively, as are some of the other pools here.

This Fufeng controversy is still relevant. You know, Santa, a company with ties to China was given permission to open a big corn processing plant here. Still, there are troubles. Concerned people continue to show up for city council meetings on Monday evenings.

You can read all about it in the Grand Forks Herald. Or now you might even find it in the New York Times. Word is there was a report about it there on Sunday.

Other than that, all is well around Grand Forks. The gardens are expanding. The flowers are beautiful.

Things are pretty quiet on the UND campus. The last day of summer courses is July 28. So far the catfish are enjoying the summer in the Red River of the North. But they have a challenge at the end of July. The Catfish Incredible Tourney is scheduled for July 29-30.

If you look down the street, the Potato Bowl Parade will take place on September 16th. But now is not the time to do so. There are plenty of days left to savor summer.

Your friend Marilyn eats Dairy Queen in July.


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