I’m a mom and I’m being criticized for having prepared my Christmas decorations three months early… but I have a good reason


FOR the majority of people, December 1st is the first that they would even consider putting up their Christmas decorations.

But for mum Heidi Parrish, it’s never too early to start thinking about the holiday season – and she already has hers… 109 days until the big day.


Mum Heidi Parrish has defended her decision to put up her Christmas decorations almost four months before the big dayCredit: Instagram/@the_flaherty_four
Heidi says she wants to lift people's spirits after a tough year


Heidi says she wants to lift people’s spirits after a tough yearCredit: Instagram/@the_flaherty_four/

Heidi recently took to Instagram to share a photo of the front of her family home, which was adorned with glowing stars, candy canes and even a herd of reindeer.

Speaking to GrimsbyLive about her reasons for putting things in place so early, Heidi explained that she wanted to provide some relief to people who have struggled through a difficult year.

“I wanted to decorate my house early on because making my kids and other people smile when they see the lights makes me think, ‘What’s not to like about coming in early? in the spirit of Christmas,'” she said.

“Especially post-pandemic, I think it’s made us all realize that there’s really no better time than the present, so why not?”

But amid the cost of living crisis, Heidi won’t be leaving her lights on until Christmas.

“For now, I plan to only turn on the lights occasionally, such as when we have friends over, to make sure I don’t waste energy and keep costs to a minimum,” he said. she adds.

In the caption to her Instagram post, Heidi revealed that the lights were given to her by local business Christow Home.

“They sent me a selection of lights and I couldn’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit,” she wrote.

“How beautiful they are – I can’t wait for Christmas and enjoy all the festivities!

“Remember there are only 3.5 months left until Christmas!”

The majority of comments on the post were from people praising Heidi’s festive work, with one writing, “I can’t wait for Christmas…love these lights.”

“Omg yes I can’t wait to release the decs,” added another.

While a third commented: “These look amazing!!! Need to get some for our forehead this year.”

But others weren’t so convinced.

“Oh my god, you already said the C-word!!!!” we wrote.

“If it had to be anyone, it would be you,” added another.

With a third writing: “You’re crazy! The garden looks lovely though.”


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