Gizelle’s daughters receive Christmas presents from Nicki Minaj



Gizelle Bryant reveals that superstar Nicki Minaj gave each of her children a Gucci bag. This comes after the meeting of Minaj’s guest host, RHOP.

Gizelle Bryant from the The real housewives of the Potomac and her kids had a great Christmas this year, especially since superstar Nicki Minaj sent each of Bryant’s daughters a luxurious handbag. Publicly thanking Minaj for her generosity, Gizelle’s children Grace, 17, and twins Angel and Adore, 15, were ecstatic with their new accessories. The show of kindness and wealth comes a month after Minaj hosted part four of RHOP‘s special meeting.

Gizelle has been featured on RHOP since the first season in 2016 and is one of the most recognizable figures in the series. Fans love or hate Gizelle; the rest of the cast feel the same way. While Andy Cohen usually hosts every reunion on Bravo, he invited Nicki to host the final part of Season 6. Introducing it to the ladies before stepping back, Cohen urged the temporary host not to hold back. The housewives were quick to greet Nicki on stage, but fans were ultimately not impressed with Nicki’s intense series of questions.


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Viewers may consider Nicki Minaj’s accommodation capacities to be below average, but that hasn’t stopped the 39-year-old from continuing to build good relationships with women. To the delight of Bryant’s teens, Nicki gave everyone a cute Gucci bag. Two of these bags, according to People, are still available online. “Nicki, my kids are screaming across the house 😂 You made their YEAR! Thank you for being so kind, this is more than special !! 🥰❤️🙏🏽” Bryant subtitled. Revealing that these are her child’s first high-end items, Gizelle added that she “never bought [her] high-end bags for girls because [she] always wanted to keep them HUMBLE “ get Nicki to buy her first Gucci bag simply “invaluable.”

Bryant’s kids weren’t the only ones who received surprise gifts for Christmas, as Minaj was kind enough to send gifts to Robyn Dixon’s sons as well. In a series of photos and videos uploaded to Instagram, Robyn showing off Corey, 13, and Carter, 12, happily receiving a signed Christmas card in cursive, along with two Gucci wallets. “The queen strikes again !! ” wrote Gizelle, while Porsha Williams of RHOA noted, I love it !!!!! Queen Tingz🔥🔥🔥 “.

As the icing on the cake, Nicki Minaj later responded to Gizelle Bryant’s Instagram post saying Grace would be the lucky recipient of a bonus gift for her to have somethingdiff of the twins. “ To say that the three teens deserve a treat for not “To show oneself for the time of the camera”, Nicki’s last words can certainly be a spade to other members of the The real housewives of the Potomac Like Candice Dillard. When it was first reported that Nicki Minaj was seriously interested in the reunion show, Gizelle and Robyn were both supportive; clearly, that positive energy has paid off.

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