Credit for self-employed persons Switzerland

In Switzerland, a credit for self-employed / buyers is possible. However, the credit banks in this segment are very cautious. Suitable for SMEs, the self-employed and individuals. The self-employed are a team of specialists who work daily to provide each client with an individual and advantageous financial solution. SME Loan Switzerland for Companies (Corporate Loan): Those who are not self-employed will not necessarily know this.

Federal loan for self-employed

Federal loan for self-employed

To realize your ideas, self-employed people need funds. Lending to the self-employed is hardly possible. Loans to employees, “who have a fixed monthly salary, which unlike the self-employed is hardly a security risk. To help them lend, the self-employed should develop their own account and go to the house bank.

Loans for the self-employed

Loans for the self-employed

Private self-employment loans are possible in Switzerland, but credit institutions are very cautious in this area. Self-employed persons in the eyes of the credit institutions are sole proprietors, but also shareholders of an AG or a company, even if they have an effective employment contract with the company and receive a monthly salary.

In principle, companies must have been working for at least two years before lending by banks. Self-employed persons are all natural or legal persons who make their own fortune with a sole proprietorship but also those who are employees and co-entrepreneurs. In principle, the banks demand that the company exists for a credit check of a self-employed person for a period of at least 2 years.

Loan granting for the formation of a company is therefore not possible due to this deadline. Start-up financing is not necessarily in the interest of the credit banks, but in reality it can be seen if the future start-up is still in unsigned employment and seeking independence. In order to be able to responsibly carry out the revenue for the statutory audit, the credit institutions need further documentation from the self-employed.

We recommend attaching as much as possible to a request via private income. Required documents for a self-employed loan for private use: The credit banks operating in Switzerland concentrate their activities on the granting of personal loans. The credit rating is assessed by individuals and not by companies. If you are looking for corporate finance, it is best to contact your bank.

However, a little depressive confidence must take every self-employed. They are not the simple business partners in this field and their willingness to take risks is extremely limited. The individual credit banks are in the area of ​​corporate financing for the individual companies. Recently, the money bank has launched an initiative for small and medium-sized enterprises (individual companies) and grants loans to individual companies with the aim of financing the company.

Required documents for a self-employed loan with business purpose: The SME market in Switzerland is large and offers considerable growth potential. Credit acceptance rates will also benefit small and medium-sized enterprises.

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