Central Florida family finds wrapped Christmas gifts from late grandparents in viral TikTok



What a great find!

A family in central Florida recently discovered old wrapped Christmas presents from their late grandparents that they never received as children!

Holly Pomeroy, from Ocala, posted several videos on TikTok of the gifts she discovered in their grandfather’s attic. Pomeroy captioned the video, “My grandfather recently passed away and my cousin found some awesome old Christmas presents wrapped in the attic for my dad, sister and I. We also found an old Christmas card with some stuffing on it. money from my great-grandparents who died around 2002. “

Pomeroy pulls out the box full of wrapped gifts one by one and can be heard saying, “These are probably from when we were kids.”

the original video has accumulated over 8 million views.

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Pomeroy said Fox news in a post that her grandfather died on November 16, and soon after, her cousin started visiting her home the following week, around Thanksgiving. It was then that they found the presents, as well as Christmas cards containing money from their great-grandparents who died in 2008.

Some of the freebies included a fleece robe, Snuggie, and massage chair!

“It was really moving opening them up and knowing it was the very last thing I would get from my grandparents,” Pomeroy told FOX.

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One reviewer wrote: “As an extra hug from them to keep you warm when they’re not around.”

Pomeroy said she wasn’t sure exactly why the gifts were left behind, or when exactly they came. She pointed out that one of the gifts came from her grandmother who died 6 years ago.

“It’s possible that it was from Christmas 2014 that we couldn’t get off,” Pomeroy told FOX. “And then his health started to really decline in January 2015 and my grandpa probably just put them away and forgot them because of his death.”

According to FOX, Pomeroy believes the Christmas cards containing money – which were signed by his great-grandparents – could date from the 1990s, since the bills were from the 1995 series.

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“We didn’t have the chance to spend a lot of Christmas with my great-grandparents so we could have been forgotten too,” said Pomeroy.

While he’s not sure why the presents have been in the attic for so long, Pomeroy tells FOX 35 that it’s pretty exciting to find them.

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