A baby-faced Leeds burglar celebrated stolen cars and Christmas gifts in rap lyrics


A Leeds burglar who stole cars and Christmas presents then bragged about his crimes in a rap has been jailed.

Dylan McEwan, 19, and his two friends robbed two houses in Pudsey and Bramley in the early hours of December 20 last year, where they stole four cars and Christmas presents.

Two of the stolen cars were later involved in a police chase which resulted in the arrest of McEwan and his pals after they abandoned the cars in Bradford and fled.

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Officers from the Leeds District Crime Team investigated the offenses and all three were charged and later pleaded guilty in court this week.

McEwan, of Barncroft Drive, Seacroft, was sentenced to three years in custody.

The two youths, who cannot be named because they are under 18, have each received community rehabilitation orders.

During their investigations, officers found a social media post by McEwan from October of a brief video clip of him driving a car, followed by him rapping about his criminal activities.

It was submitted to the court as part of the case file.

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Calling himself ‘MC McEwan’, he raps, ‘I sneak through your backyard, get paid for brand new cars’ and ‘But I can’t lie, graft life is hard’.

Detective Inspector Vicky Vessey, of the Leeds District Crime Squad, said: ‘McEwan is a prolific burglar whose offenses have brought misery to his victims who have had to endure the indignity of having their homes invaded and their stolen property.

“The two burglaries of which he was convicted took place a few days before Christmas when this type of crime is always more keenly felt by those who are victims of it.

“The complete disregard he has for the people he aims to rob is evident from the words of his social media post.”

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