11-year-old boy remained ‘gutted’ after Christmas gifts were stolen from McDonald’s



A mom became furious after her 11-year-old son’s Christmas gifts were stolen from a McDonald’s store.

Nicola Sharif, who moved to Galway in August, was in Middlesbrough to visit family for the holidays with her two children.

Before returning home to Ireland, the 34-year-old took his son Kamran to the city center to spend some of his Christmas money on Boxing Day sales.

Speaking to Teesside Live, she said: “He had some money he got for Christmas and wanted to spend it, so I took him into town and we went to Game.

“He bought a microphone, an adapter for his Xbox controller, and a laptop mouse. I took him and my baby to McDonald’s for dinner and Kamran played with his brother while I ordered food.”

While Nicola was ordering the food at the Linthorpe Road branch, Kamran placed his game carrying bag on the table for him to watch, she noticed a similar white carrying bag on another table when they got together. got up to leave but didn’t think more until Kamran said he had left it in the McDonald’s on Linthorpe Road.

She added: “Kamran told me he left his bag so we went back to look and he was gone. We asked behind the counter and searched everywhere but there was nothing to see I think someone took it when we were i’m not looking for a split second.

“My son is emptied! He was so excited to be able to spend his Christmas money and we went back to Game to see if the bag had been put back there, but to no avail.

“We tried to redeem the things that were gone, but he’d usually bought the last ones in the store, spent £ 65 and it’s just gone.”

Back in Galway, Nicola has since reported the incident to Cleveland Police and is hoping to find out what happened to her son’s Christmas presents.

A Cleveland Police spokesperson said: “Police have received a report that a buyer unfortunately left a shopping bag of around £ 60 of gaming equipment on a table at McDonald’s and when they realized and came back, he was not there.

“It happened around 1:30 p.m. on December 26 (Boxing Day) at the Linthorpe Road restaurant.

“The goods were in a white holder with the GAME logo on it. If someone has collected these items and is attempting to return them to their rightful owner, please contact the police on 101, reference 218719.”

McDonald’s has been contacted for more information.

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